The Difference Between Winning And Losing

Choosing who you will trust to lead, advise, and support you and your team will determine the success of your campaign. You will likely hear many differing opinions on how and what you should do in order to win your race, but remember, EXPERIENCE COUNTS. Having someone by your side that knows the intricacies of campaigns at all levels and can implement smart, winning strategy gives YOU the political advantage.

Why Upgrade Is Different

Here at Upgrade Strategies, we believe that while anyone can choose to run for office, not everyone is ready to do so. One of the most important things we do is to provide you with an honest assessment of whether or not a clear pathway to victory exists in your candidacy – if it does, our job is to guide you through the process and push you to reach your goal, winning the election. If that pathway doesn’t exist, our job is to provide you with candid feedback and the appropriate tools, guidance, and training to get you ready for the next cycle. We simply won’t allow you to hire us for any race that we don’t believe we can win together… because when we increase your chance of victory, we all win.

What We Offer

The key to candidate success is unique to each race, and that’s why we provide a truly customized approach. We take pride in helping you develop yourself as a winning candidate, guiding you on how to most effectively showcase your strengths and ideas tailored around a winning strategy.

General Consulting


Candidate Training


Speech Writing




Script Writing

Direct Mail

Advertising & Media Management

Social Media Training

Focus Groups

Campaign Staff & Volunteer Training

Website Design


Candidate & Opposition Research

Understanding the Art of Fundraising

Voter Demographic Research & Training

Debate Prep & Coaching

Our Team

Our passion is fighting for conservative values and votes.  We know campaigns inside and out.  We love guiding candidates from vision to victory.  

Todd Johnson


Terri Johnson

Communications Director

Hayden Kelly

Social Media/Marketing Director


Todd has a born passion for politics. His knowledge in the political realm and his stamina in this 24 hour, 7 days a week arena, is unprecedented. He is a loyal and hard working individual. When you need him, no matter the circumstances, he’ll be there. He is someone you definitely would want on your political team.

Debbie Maestas

Former State Chairman, NM Republican Party

Todd is without a doubt the guy you want on your team – I’ve worked with many teams in several different states, and his passion for his work is unrivaled. His loyalty and political savvy give a tremendous edge to those with whom he works, and his integrity truly sets him
apart from most in this field.

Pat Garrett

National Level Communications Director

Todd was one of the first people I met with when I was considering running for State Representative. His encouragement, knowledge, accessibility and motivation were invaluable to me, and I knew I could always count on him throughout my candidacy and thereafter. His work ethic and expertise are unsurpassed. He has been a great ally and someone you definitely want to have on your team.

Sarah Maestas-Barnes

New Mexico State Representative

If you are looking for a hard-working, dedicated and loyal individual to lead your campaign, Todd Johnson is the choice. I have worked with Mr. Johnson on local, state, and federal campaigns. His knowledge of what it takes to run a successful campaign is only surpassed by his passion to help good people who will change our nation for the better.

Diego Espinoza

National Campaign Strategist

I have enjoyed Todd’s friendship for many years, and know firsthand how hard he worked to build the New Mexico GOP brand from the ground up. He is diligent and passionate in his pursuit of excellence, and is remarkable in his ability to merge both political and non-political people together to form active, dedicated groups of advocates.

Mark Moores

New Mexico State Senator

With no political experience under my belt, I turned to Todd when I decided to run for county commissioner… I’m so glad I did; his skill and expertise made all the difference in my campaign. Without fail, he is one of the most ethical, honorable people in the political world, and that is difficult to find. I know I can count on him at any time, and I know he’ll give me just what I need to succeed. I couldn’t have run a successful campaign without him.

Jay Block

Sandoval County Commissioner

Todd is an exceptionally intelligent, trustworthy and organized individual with a unique understanding of political campaigns and strategies.

Fernando Ce De Baca

Former Special Advisor to President Ronald Reagan

I have known and worked with Todd for nearly a decade. He is good humored, works his tail off and has an unwavering dedication to his clients.

Doug Turner

CEO, DWTurner Public Relations

While working with Todd I always found him to be politically astute and intuitive.

Rosie Tripp

National Committeewoman, Republican Party of New Mexico

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